Artist Mathew Mayes will be featured in Modern Now’s upcoming “Body of Work” exhibit. Above is a sampling of the work Mayes creates, his play on color and light give his abstractions a certain quality that is reminiscent of nature.

“Once, I believed that love, food, and music were the core passions that transcended all race, creed, and color. Now, I know that art encompasses all. My works are studies in color perception, definition, and composition. I see color as neutral, primary, and secondary. I allow natural ability combined with a trained eye to create. Without both, my art could not exist.” –M.M

Stop by Modern Now this Saturday, July 14 for our “Body of Work” show. And be sure to wander around the rest of the Old 4th Ward for gallery openings at Mint, ABV, Melvin, and Stuart McClean galleries during the ALL 4 ONE gallery crawl.

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  • Guy Sanders
    November 12th, 2012 12:43 AM


    I have some Mathew Mayes art he sold to me some years ago. I’m trying to locate him. Do you still have some of his work?