Here is a visual sampling of the four panel series artist Phil Dale created for Modern Now’s Body of Work exhibition.

Painted on wood in a field in Athens, Georgia, Dale found himself creating visually compelling work in an unlikely studio space. As the story goes, it was about 100 degrees outside while Dale was working on this set, the heat was drying his paint faster than he could apply it and finish his mark making. He attributes this aspect to creating the fluid-like feel of this series. While painting this, he was dripping with sweat and as the sweat mixed with his paints, he began to realize he was creating something truly meaningful. Smudge marks from his forearm and slight imperfections in this piece are what we at Modern Now really appreciate about it as a series and the story of Phil Dale painting in a field in Athens makes the pieces even better in our opinion.

These paintings are still currently on display at Modern Now come get a look at Phil Dale’s unique style in person next time you’re in the Old 4th Ward.

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