Artist Hal Schwarze will feature this piece in Modern Now’s upcoming “Body of Work” show.

His subtle references to the human form through abstract line work and splashes of paint create very interesting and energetic pieces.

When asked how he gets the inspiration for his work, Schwarze explains his process as follows:

“I’ve always been caught up in surface, how layers of paint react with one another and build up. The inspiration happens from seeking new tones and textures. And now I’m taking that and transmitting that into content, as opposed to color fields and pure abstract expressionism, I’m trying to find my voice in actual content and symbolism and representative form, right now I am transmitting that into figurative portraiture.”

Come see the new visual language Hal Schwarze is working on, along with 7 other talented artists, this Saturday, July 14 at Modern Now Gallery in the Old 4th Ward.


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