Tues-Fri 12:00-5:00pm | Friday & Saturday 6-10pm


659 Auburn Avenue Atlanta, Georgia 30312
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Free in the unnumberd spots in the Studioplex lot

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Very cool gallery in the O4W. Unexpected masterpieces and friendly curators. I have been here many times and never been disappointed with the events. Some of the books are rare art books that will make you swoon and drool at the same time. It’s small, but concise. Go visit. And buy something. – Modern Now Client

“I wandered into Modern Now last night upon overhearing the terms “art” and “free beer” in the same sentence. Shockingly, the gallery owner was extremely friendly and non condescending when I pointed toward some framed black-and-white pieces and drooled, “I like thoooose.” “Yeah, those are Picasso!” Amazingly, this little gallery in Studioplex sells lesser-known Picasso and Calder pieces at relatively reasonable prices. Plus, local artists’ equally interesting work is interspersed throughout that of the worldwide famous.” – Guest Review