Artist Jim Johnson uses intricate and thoughtful line work, combined with collage and layering elements in his abstract paintings. His artistic process creates intricate pattern-work that is reminiscent of stitched quilts.

Johnson’s paintings, in a lot of ways, reflect his roots in art. His grandfather was a sign painter, in the age where by-hand was the standard. Johnson’s clean line work and attention to the the play of the lines themselves mirror the attention to detail his grandfather would have held while painting signs.

We are excited to have Johnson working on a series of large pieces ( as seen in the photo above) which will hang in the front windows of the gallery. Each panel has elements of the human form and abstract forms within.

“It’s all about line for me, so the lines that are underneath, I like to pull them above the other layers in the painting, creating a kind of translucent veil. It gives the painting some sort of depth, and its just a process I enjoy. I use my grandfather’s old sign painting tools, like the stick he used to make straight lines with the brush, just to keep your hands off the canvas,” Johnson

Come see Johnson’s work this Saturday July 14,  at Modern Now Gallery

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