Maybe you haven’t had a chance to stop by Modern Now because you’ve been so busy soaking up this last little bit of summer. Or maybe you’ve passed by our door on the way to dinner at Serpas True Food, but just didn’t get a chance to look inside. Or maybe you’ve been inside Modern Now during one of our many events or openings, but still don’t quite have a hang on what exactly it is that we do here at Modern Now.

Well, for lack of a better explanation, Modern Now is where classics meet contemporaries or old meets new.  What we mean by that is here at Modern Now we specialize in Modern art both classical and contemporary.

We have a vast collection mid-century modern art lithographic prints (many of which were printed during the artist’s lifetime, sometimes under the direct oversight of the actual artist) this means the eyes of a master like Warhol, Miro, Pollock, Picasso and the like gazed upon the print you see on our gallery walls.


In addition to our collection of rare and limited prints, we carry a huge collection of vintage and new art books, journals, and publications. We see this facet of our gallery being the bridge of sorts, between the masters of the past and the local contemporary artists we represent in our gallery.


Which bring us to the third arm of Modern Now, our shows and gallery walls devoted to local, contemporary artists. These artists (some classically trained and well-versed in art history and others self-taught with raw talent) embody style and influence from the classic masters we feature in our print collection and that you can read about in our book collection.

In a sense, these three ‘arms’ of Modern Now all act in unison to create context and meaning. We are able to contextualize the style of these local artists in the light of art history makers like Warhol, Miro, Pollock, Picasso, and other masters by drawing connections between the aesthetics, influences, topic matter, color, style, materials, employed by our artists and the masters the rest of the art world adores.


We hope you will stop by Modern Now soon, but just to entice you further, here’s a list of the exciting things coming soon to Modern Now:

New exhibition: ExposeABLE Environments on September 14. Featuring the work of two artists exploring the idea of environments, both real and imaginary as a point of reflection for greater issues and themes.

Free Wine Saturdays: Join us at Modern Now on Saturday nights before or after dinner plans in Inman Park or the Old Fourth Ward for a complimentary glass of wine and healthy helping of art.

Modern Now’s ‘Gift Shop’: We will begin carrying the work of local artists, crafters, makers, and artisans who will all be making exclusive products that reflect on the certain modern aesthetic we look for in our gallery. Custom jewelry, t-shirts, prints, home-decor, and other fun gifts will be for sale during regular gallery hours.

Meet The Artist (part 2): Here’s a chance to come out and meet artists from our current Body of Work exhibition, artists Walt Woodall and Phil Dale will be presenting new, never before seen work in addition to speaking about their artistic practices and answer questions about their work. Stop by this Saturday Night September 1 from 6-10 p.m.

Film Series: We will begin screening art films right inside the gallery, using it as a platform to discuss current events or artwork in the gallery itself. We hope you will join us for these intimate viewings of classic art films.

To stay up to date on everything happening at Modern Now visit our facebook page and like it here:


We hope to see you soon!


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