Modern Now is very pleased to be currently exhibiting, Diurnes, a collaborative project between the modern master Pablo Picasso and French photographer André Villers. This series of double exposures combines the photographs of Villers along with the the cut paper porchoir, forms, and figures of Picasso. The process involved using multiple exposures in the dark room by changing the film in the projector and placing Picasso’s cut outs over various areas of the photograph. The result was a developed photograph that contained multiple images bordered and shaped by Picasso’s forms.

In 1953, famed painter and artist Pablo Picasso met photographer André  Villers in Vallauris, France. As their relationship grew, Picasso and Villers’ fascination with the beautiful city they were living in inspired them to begin the project Diurnes, (meaning diurnal in English, ‘of or during the day’).



These photographs were eventually combined with work French poet Jacques Prévert and then published in 1962 under the name Diurnes as well by Heinz Berggruen.

Stop by Modern Now soon for viewing of Diurnes and our Body of Work exhibits next time you’re in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood.

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  • Diane Johnson
    January 7th, 2013 02:48 PM

    I’m delighted to see you have exhibited Diurnes! Is there a catalogue for the show? Can you tell me where you got the Box you exhibited…is it available to me, as a professor of art history at the College, to borrow? Did you also exhibit the color litho that went with the first 100 copies?

    Many thanks for any information you can send,

    Diane Chalmers Johnson