Today I wanted to honor Andy Warhol’s Birthday and tell you about what’s modern now, especially with Warhol. I’m sure most of you have, in one way or another, heard of or seen Warhol’s art, so you should know that his POP Art is what made him famous. He made paintings of iconic American objects such as commercial products ie. Campbell soup cans, Coca-Cola bottles and even Celebrities (which are probably the only people that could afford his artwork, maybe back then) Now before POP,  Warhol drew for a shoe company and even children’s books, which we carry in our gallery. He is one of the illustrators in the Best in Children’s Books from 1959, this is the complete set of 44 First Editions and are on display now and are extremely Rare to find in this condition (considering their age) each volume still has its original dust jackets which have been preserved in mylar (and I’ll have to say even the dj’s are in fine to near fine condition… must not have been read by kids or else let’s just say they wouldn’t be in this immaculate condition) and what makes these books modern is because its Andy Warhol for goodness sake! (plus the illustrations are some of the best I have ever seen in childrens’ books (and I have 2 kids and thousands of kid books that I’ve read, picked up in the living room, and dusted… LOL). Not to mention that the stories are classic from all the greatest authors from Hans Christian Andersen, Rip Van Winkle to Charles Dickens.
So if you’re interested in whats Modern Now, feel free to stop by (I’m usually there 24 to whenever) or visit our Online shop. Many Thanks from What’s Modern Now by Cristina.


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