This will be the last thing about how modern Andy Warhol was (and is still considered) influential and prescient in order to sum up, the week of blogs that were, in lieu of Warhol’s birthday ( I promise). The funny thing is I had always known of Warhol’s fame and never really understood his commercialism (since I don’t even own a TV) and I never really thought of him as much of an artist (to be honest) however ever since diving into his past, I can understand him/his art much better. He took a style (pop) and had a vision and made it materialize (which is what our Founding Fathers did, right? (putting the word freedom in place of style, of course)) And to help better understand him and his past a giant volume (literally giant couldn’t get a wine bottle big enough) titled “Andy Warhol “Giant” size” is currently displayed at the gallery. Andy Warhol “Giant” Size” provides an appropriately larger-than-life look at the celebrated artist’s career. Cultural critic Dave Hickey provides a compelling essay on Warhol’s geek-to-guru evolution while chapter openers by Warhol friends and insiders give special insight into the way the enigmatic artist led his life and made his art. More than 2,000 illustrations culled from rarely seen archival material, documentary photography, and artwork not only provide a full picture of the artist’s life but a telling look at late twentieth-century popular culture. This oversized, visual biography of Andy Warhol’s life and career captures the spirit of the New York art scene of the 1950s to the 1980s and if Andy can kiss Liza, Lennon, Salvador Dali and Phillip Johnson well that, in my opinion, is modern now. So if you’re interested in whats Modern Now, feel free to stop by (I’m usually there 24 to whenever) or visit our Online shop. Many Thanks from What’s Modern Now by Cristina.

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