In lieu of tomorrow’s (Saturday Aug. 18) architect for humanity birdhouse social happening here at Studioplex at 7pm(in conjunction with our “Meet the artist“),  I will show you how architecture is modern now. I would like to focus on Le Corbusier and his style but before that I will say that architecture will always be modern now. And without the past in both disciplines of art and architecture, our artists and architects would not have been who they are or given us their creations. This is because the past is an intrigal part of today in so many ways, especially in art and architecture. Their vision helped form ours, which connects us to the past, making the past modern now. (wow, did I just go metaphysical there?) This leads me to Le Corbusier and his modern style of architecture, not to mention he is announced as one of the pioneers to modern architecture on wikipedia. He created using mainly reinforced concrete, which was ahead of its time but is a widely used material in today’s architecture(and still very much modern). He was an architect, artist, writer and urbanist and is one of our favorite architects (not to mention my son shares his birthday). And we carry his Complete Oeuvre, which is currently on display in the gallery. This is an 8 volume set housed in its original slipcase covering his works from 1910 to 1965. A comprehensive series showing images and drawings of both his architecture (both built and un-built) and they are a great opportunity to see models/drawings of major unbuilt works – Governor’s Palace in Chandigargh, Strasburg, Algiers, Venice, Geneva, etc. As well as paintings, le Modulor and other non-building works.

If you are coming to the Meet the Artist event or Birdhouse Social tomorrow night(or just want to stop by any time), be sure to check out this 8 volume set for yourself and get an opportunity to view some of (in my opinion) the best architecture, which will always be modern now.



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