If there are some David Lynch fans out there, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Modern now blog title (one of my favorite lines in Wild at Heart). And I can say for certain that David Lynch is Modern Now. This leads me to his book “Images” by David Lynch which contains, yes images, but not ordinary images since they are shot from David Lynch. The book is composed of unique, never seen, images that Lynch took himself which are “bizarre and fascinating, possibly more bizarre than his films” (from cover). And in this day and age bizarre and fascinating never gets old. Not only does the book have exclusive images from his movies, he also took images of his own personal artworks including drawings, paintings and sculptures. It even contains some of his most personal works from his obsessions with spark plugs, bald women and dental surgery (sound Lynchian enough yet?). There were only 15,000 1st editions of which, this is one of them and it can be viewed on display now at the gallery.

If you are a fan of Lynch, than you already know how modern now he really is and if you are not a fan, you should check out this title, you never know, it may pique your interest enough to become one.


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