So your wondering Whats Modern Now, and I’m here to help you (and myself) discover what is.

Lets begin with what modern means. Modern means up to date, contemporary, having to do with now, I like to think of it as living in the present moment (something that buddha would have told me if he was still here) and I think this is why I am interested in whats modern now. But in style and art it means those modern characteristics which were considered modern in its time that are still considered modern today, but primarily modern art is characterized by the attitudes towards the past and the present .  And what I am referring to (which is Modern Now),  is a very unique and rare book that we have on display at the gallery titled “Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design” an exhibit from MOMA. Most of us today like mutants and zombies and art, and lets face it without art those other things would not exist (it took an artistic mind to create some of the fascinating imaginations of zombies, mutants and vampires, right?), also without the minds of Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Max Ernst (to name a few) these characters would not thrive (I’m pretty sure our media exposure = anesthetizing has nothing to do with it, yeah right?) The book itself has a resin cover which is formed in a nonunified mutant way. The reason this book is modern now is because of the concept, which is based on how “materials are no longer an absolute for design and how new technologies are being used to customize, extend, and modify the physical properties of materials (a new type of mutation)… and these mutable new characters of materials, have generated new forms as well as a more experimental approach toward design“, and each section discusses how materials are transformed into new mutable forms, which is what happens to mutants and zombies, right? The book also has an interesting representation of the mid 90’s dot-com design era, which I’m sure relates to all of us in one way or another. So if you’re interested in whats Modern Now, feel free to stop by (I’m usually there 24 to whenever) or visit our Online shop. Many Thanks from What’s Modern Now by Cristina.




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