Modern Now’s window display is a constantly changing installation that previews current work being shown inside the gallery.

Pictured above is artist Jim Johnson’s Jumper series inspired by Eadweard Muybridge‘s early photographs of human and animal forms moving. As the story goes, Muybridge photographed a friend’s horse during a gallop using a series of photographs shot in a sequence. By looking at the negatives, Muybridge and company discovered that all four of a horse’s feet leave the ground during a gallop.

This photographs became studies of the human form and eventually the body in motion, inspired by this piece of crucial art history, Johnson created a sequential series of the human form jumping. Created for Modern Now’s Body of Work show, this piece is for sale as a set or separately.

Next time you’re walking by Studioplex or headed to Serpas True Food for dinner, stop in Modern Now and say hello.

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