Pictured here is a recent batch of work from Jim Johnson as part of Modern Now’s Body of Work show titled Windows I&II (Homage to Arp).

Jim, who is also responsible for the four panel “Jumper” series featured in our front window, accessed a wide range of aesthetics for these three pieces.

The dimensionality of these pieces are very interesting and dynamic, Johnson first drew on craft paper then painted on the glass of the frame to create the three dimensional affect these pieces have.

As with much of Johnson’s work, these ambiguous forms are intricate studies of line play and shape. While these pieces represent a much different approach than Johnson normally takes with his work, they still hold classic stylistic elements that Johnson’s work is known for.

Stop by Modern Now to see Johnson’s work and the rest of the Body of Work show next time you’re in the neighborhood. Then be sure to like Modern Now’s facebook page to stay up to date on all the happenings at the gallery.


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